Ian Malinowski

Managing Editor

Ian Malinowski is a baseball analyst with a degree in history from The Florida State University. He has contributed to the Jewish Daily Forward and the The Process Report, and he used to write about FSU baseball, basketball, and wiffle ball at Somebody to Leon. Now living in Brooklyn (but go Renegades), he has five times been a Florida State Fiddle Champion.


Pitcher preview: R.A. Dickey

The Rays will open their season against R.A. Dickey, a nontraditional former ace looking to recapture the form that made him the 2012 National League Cy Young award winner. You can see a preview of...

Toronto Blue Jays series preview

The Jays are a dangerous offensive team. Can the Rays superior pitching hold Bautista and Co. in check?

Rays Tank: Openining day is here

Who's going?

Spring training highlights 3.28.2014

Plus postgame interviews with Matt Moore and Joe Maddon.

Rays spring training video highlights 3.27.2014

Alex Cobb hit Nelson Cruz in the head, but Cruz appears to be okay.

Rays Tank: Alex Cobb hits Nelson Cruz in head

In last night's game, Alex Cobb hit Nelson Cruz in the head (Baltimore Sun) with what he said was a curve ball that got away. "I don't want to make excuses, but my front foot slipped a little...

Rays season preview 2014: The meaning of "all-in"

Or: why they'll win the pennant one of these years.

Rays Tank: Matt Moore's jaw okay

The Rays got a scare yesterday when a comebacker deflected off Matt Moore's glove and hit him in the face. After making the play, Moore left the field on a golf cart to undergo tests, but no...

Spring training highlights - 3/22

Plus, a postgame interview with Joe Maddon.

The Rays Tank: Happy St. Pat's

I don't know what the Rays will be doing for St. Patrick's Day, but at least we're not the Mets (Cue hate mail from Met's fans -- seriously, I get this every time I type those words. Someone must...

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