Steve Kinsella

Staff Writer

Owner of 5 beautiful dogs. My Avatar is in memory of my best friend Louie who I lost in 2012 at the all too young age of 6. Our last game together was the fantastic comeback against the Angels of all teams. I love the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Indians. Love to talk baseball and am respectful to all opinions. Baseball has carried me through many bad times, it has crushed my spirit many times, but it has always been there with me.


Will happiness trump dollars for Fernando Rodney?


Fernando Rodney had turbulent finishes in Detroit and Los Angeles but seemed to find happiness in Tampa in 2012. Will this trump the quest for the almighty dollar?

Rays Have Decisions To Make On 40-Man Roster


The Rays will have to make a couple of 40-man roster moves after the signing of Kyle Farnsworth and the near agreement with Luke Scott.

Should MLB's Biggest Stars Play For Team USA?


Should David Price, Justin Verlander, Mike Trout, Buster Posey, & other stars represent Team USA in the World Baseball Classic?

Dinner with David Price & Friends


Join David Price and friends on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. on Tropicana Field. Enjoy a great evening of baseball while supporting the children's charities of Tampa Bay.

What Should the Rays do with Sean Rodriguez?


The 2012 season was both a big disappointment and a step back for Sean Rodriguez. What should the Rays do with him in 2013?

Alex Torres and the 4th Player Option


It was thought that Alex Torres was out of options but there is a rule that gives a team a 4th year player option and the Rays benefit as Alex Torres qualifies.

Wil He Or Won't He - Wil Myers & The Rays


The Rays front office and Joe Maddon need to determine whether or not Wil Myers begins the year with the Rays or in AAA with the Durham Bulls.

What Should The Rays Do With Cesar Ramos?


This spring the Rays will have a decision to make on left-handed reliever Cesar Ramos as he is out of options.

What will the Rays do with Alex Torres


The Rays will have a decision to make this spring as Alex Torres is out of options.

Rays Way: Pitching, Defense, and the 3-run Homer


The Rays have the pitching and defense lined up. Now it's time to add the 3-run homer to the mix. A look at some of options via free agency and trade.

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