Steve Slowinski


Steve Slowinski is a baseball writer, specializing in analysis, statistics, and the Tampa Bay Rays. He currently manages the sabermetric glossary at, and has contributed pieces to DRaysBay,, and the St. Petersburg Times in the past.


The Rays Tank: The Dane De La Rosa Edition


MLB Chatter First, before I delve into the links, I'd like to offer a correction on my LoMo piece from yesterday. Multiple people pointed it out in the comments, but Morrison was originally a first...

What Would It Take To Acquire Logan Morrison?


We all know that the Rays are in the market this offseason to add an impact bat or two, if at all possible. This past season, they had one of the weakest offenses in their club's recent history,...

New Update To The SB Nation iPhone App


The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1  is now available in the App Store!  SB Nation listened to your feedback and suggestions and heard you loud and clear.   Now, in addition to helping you stay on...

The Rays Tank: Matt Garza Retrospective, FanGraphs Updates, and An Intro To Pitch F/x


MLB Chatter I'm curious, how many people out there are still paying attention to the World Series? It's shaping up to be a great one, as the Rangers and Cardinals are tied at two games each now,...

The Rays Tank: Cards Beat Rangers, Rays Could Use Some Catcher Defense


MLB Chatter The Cardinals beat the Rangers last night in Game 1 of the World Series, eking out a 3-2 win. I wish I could watch the Series, but MLB's blackout rules for the postseason are rather...

The Rays Tank: Woh woh woh woh woh, Tampa Has Stadium Money?


Rays Talk A big thanks to Josh (EmFront) for passing this along: in today's St. Pete Times, they're reporting that Tampa has said they can contribute around $100 million for a new stadium for the...

The Rays Tank: Consistency, Sam Fuld, and wWPA


MLB Chatter With no games yesterday, the baseball world stood still for the most part. It was one of those awkward dead times of the baseball year; with the World Series coming up, there should be...

Financial Flexibility: What's the Current State of the Budget?


As Rays fans, we all know about the importance of the yearly budget. While the Rays have been willing in the past to expand the budget when going all-in, even at the best of times the Rays have...

The Rays Tank: Dan Wheldon Dies, Cards-Rangers Series, and KotchTalk


MLB Chatter So after last night, it looks like it's going to be a Cardinals-Rangers World Series. I don't know how everyone else feels, but this is about the worst possible outcome for me. I can't...

The Rays Tank: David Ortiz Wants Less Drama, Dave Eiland Wants To Be A Pitching Coach


MLB Chatter I was a bad baseball fan last night and sat down to read my book instead of following the games, but it seems the postseason carried on without me. The Tigers stayed alive, winning 7-5...

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