Steve Slowinski


Steve Slowinski is a baseball writer, specializing in analysis, statistics, and the Tampa Bay Rays. He currently manages the sabermetric glossary at, and has contributed pieces to DRaysBay,, and the St. Petersburg Times in the past.


The Rays Tank: Extending Matt Joyce, Sausages, and Red Sox Shadenfreude

MLB Chatter Things just got interesting in the NLCS. The Cardinals managed to put together four runs against Yovani Gallardo early in yesterday's game, and hung on to their lead to win 4-3 and...

New Book: "September Nights" By James Shields

Wow, how did I not hear about this earlier? I'm including a couple sections of the press release down below, but the Cliff Notes version is that there's a new book out by James Shields (with...

The Rays Tank: Player-Managers, Isolated Ballparks, and Theo Epstein To The Cubs?

MLB Chatter First of all, the Tigers beat the Rangers yesterday 5-2 as Doug Fister kept Detroit alive. But as good as that game was, there's even more important news going on right now. That...

Real Stories From Rays Fans, Part 2

After posting our first Real Stories from Rays Fans last week, we received quite a few touching stories concerning this past season. We simply couldn't help but pass along this reaction from Game...

The Rays Tanks: Words From Stern, Delmon Young Ressurrection

MLB Chatter Anyone else out there really glad we traded Delmon Young when we did? It briefly looked last season like Young may have put everything together and was beginning to come into his own...

The 2011-2012 Off-Season DRB Schedule

On one hand, the offseason is a dark, lonely time. It's only a few months until baseball kicks off again, but those can feel like some of the longest months of the year. In the wise words of Rogers...

The Rays Tank: Brewers Stomp Cards, Fun Shane Victorino Gifs

General Chatter I take full responsibility for the Brewers' rout of the Cardinals last night. I wrote a piece for ESPN on Sunday about how Jaime Garcia could be a  key part of the series for the...

The Rays Tank: T-Plush Goes Crazy, Orioles Changes, And Rich Herrera Resigns

MLB Chatter I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really excited about how the playoffs have worked out this season (minus, of course, that the Rays are no longer in them). The Brewers beat...

The Rays Tank: Happy Yom Kippur, Davey Martinez Is Still Ours

MLB Chatter Holy cow, the Yankees lost last night. Well, in case you were still feeling ashamed that the Rays got knocked out so early in the playoffs, you can let that go. It turns out the Yanks...

Thanks From Stu

Thanks for a great season of support. It was certainly one for the ages that went on longer yet ended sooner than we all thought it would. Again thank you and in a general form can you please...

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