Steve Slowinski


Steve Slowinski is a baseball writer, specializing in analysis, statistics, and the Tampa Bay Rays. He currently manages the sabermetric glossary at, and has contributed pieces to DRaysBay,, and the St. Petersburg Times in the past.


Maury Brown: Relocation And Contraction Are Non-Starters


**UPDATE 4:20 -  Maury went on the King David show today to discuss this piece. Justin (the show's producer) was nice enough to share the link with us to the session recording they posted for those...

The Rays Tank: Johnny Damon Wants Back, and How Much Is Friedman Worth?


I don't want it to be the offseason yet -- who ever does? -- but sadly, here we stand. It feels weird to say the end of the season caught me by surprise, as the Rays were lucky to even be in the...

10/5/11 GDT: Does anyone here care about the playoffs now?

  Brewers vs. Tigers World Series. Make it happen.

Sternberg Frustrated With Attendance


Here's a video of Sternberg's comments, and some of my thoughts on putting it all in context. We already talked about Stu's comments this morning in one thread and while I'd like today to be focused on the season that just finished, I know people will want to talk about this. So if the attendance chatter is going to keep up, here's the thread for you.

Rays Lose, Season Over...But What A Season


There are many pictures I could have picked for today's game recap. I could have gone with a picture of Sean Rodriguez barreling over Mike Napoli at the plate, scoring the Rays first run. Rodriguez...

And So It Goes


Nobody expected the Rays to get this far, including many of us. That doesn't make this moment any easier, really, but I think we can all agree that 2011 has been one hell of a ride. Too bad it has...


SB Nation Survey

SB Nation is curious: what do you guys like about SB Nation sites, and what would you like to see improved? We have plenty of readers that come here on a daily basis, but they're looking for ways...

ALDS Game Four Preview: Matt Harrison


Huh, this situation sure seems familiar: one more loss will end the Rays' season for good. I feel like I should have more of a gut-clenching reaction when I hear that, but considering the Rays...

The Process: J.P Howell vs. Josh Hamilton


Even though the majority of you out there don't need a reminder, here's the scenario. Top of the seventh, two outs, and the Rangers had recently hit a two run home run off David Price to go up 2-1....

Game Three Preview: Assorted Thoughts on David Price


I haven't had time to really flesh this out into a coherent post, so here are some random, assorted thoughts on the game: David Price has gotten a bad rap for struggling in big games this season,...

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