Community Guidelines

By commenting or posting on DRaysBay, you’re agreeing to uphold the following guidelines:

1. No personal attacks. While we don't expect everyone to get along here, personal attacks on other user will not be tolerated.

2. No slurs or offensive statements of any kind. We will not tolerate any kind of sexist/racist/intolerant statements, even if intended as a joke. This should be common sense. Curse words are acceptable as long as you're not going over the top (or attacking another user with them), but any sort of slur is not allowed.

3. All images should be “safe for work”. Pictures are welcome in threads -- GDTs in particular -- but there are people reading DRaysBay while at work or with kids around, and there are enough places on the internet to find scandalous or raunchy pictures. As a rule of thumb, if you have to debate if a picture is appropriate or not to post, it probably isn't.

4. Stay on topic, and no politics. Conversations on all columns and articles should stay baseball-related. There is some flexibility in Rays Tanks for off-topic discussion, but politics is a no-go subject area.

5. Keep an open mind. If you don't understand something, ask questions. Be willing to learn. And if you're engaging in a debate, acknowledge that everyone is going to be wrong sometimes; instead of defending your point of view incessantly, be willing to consider the fact that you might be wrong. That's a great way to earn the respect of other users.

6. No trolling. Come here to participate in the discussion. Don't come only to rile people up for your own satisfaction. Yes, there's a gray area between being a troll and just a minority. Just be respectful of the rest of the community and we'll do our best to protect your ability to express your point of view.

These are the biggest six rules for our community, and violation of these may result in a warning or ban.

Best Practices for Successful Commenting:

1. Use logic. We're not a "numbers-first" site -- we're a facts and logic site. You don't have to understand advanced stats to understand logic and to make a rational argument. We encourage debate and discussion, since there is rarely only one "correct" side to a debate, but argue with facts and not your gut.

2. Use proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Using them will give your comments more credibility and make your comments easier to read. Paragraphs are your friend.

3. Use headers, and keep pictures small. Always use a header with your post. That's simply how we do things here. Also, if posting a picture, you can resize the image by add this to the HTML: width="however wide you want your picture in pixels".

4. Use the reply button. Nested comments are awesome and keep the discussion organized.

5. Game Day Threads. These threads are moderated less intently, so enter at your own risk. Emotional reactions are awesome and encouraged in GTDs, although the five guidelines listed above all still apply in these threads. There’s a little bit more flexibility with profanity, though.

Warnings and Bans

If you post something that goes against our six guidelines, or you consistently fail to adhere to our best practices recommendations despite prompting, you will be issued a “warning” by one of our site moderators. After three warnings, a user will be banned from DRaysBay, and bans are permanent and not negotiable. Consider this a "three strikes" policy.

If a user is issued a warning that they feel is unfair, they can appeal to the site manager.

Additionally, users may lose “strikes” through subsequent good behavior. If a user is issued one warning, that warning can be rescinded after four months of good behavior. If a user has been issued two warnings, the second warning can be rescinded after six months of good behavior. Once a user reaches three warnings, though, they will be banned from DRaysBay.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at DRaysBay. You should read them.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at DRaysBay. You should read them.




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