Rays Editorials

Drafting by Revenue

Is the MLB Draft unfair to low-revenue teams?

Prioritizing Skills over Tools

When publishing my list of top-prospects this off-season, I used an evaluation process that valued skills ahead of tools, or rather, an ability to showcase a major league talent today above and...

Cutters, curveballs, sliders and changeups oh my!

The title says it all. Which pitcher has the best pitch on the Rays staff?

Saying goodbye to Jose Lobaton

The only Rays player to hit a home run into the Rays tank.

Fourteen Predictions for 2014

Baseball still has about a week or so until we start receiving terrible quality beat writer twitpics from Spring Training. Now's an appropriate time for a few predictions before the season truly...

Is time running out for a David Price trade?

The Rays are approaching the presumed deadline for trading David Price.

Are the Rays really "All-In" for 2014?

Is it 'World Series or bust' for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2014?

On David Price and $14M

With a sky high asking price in the style of the Shields-Myers trade, the Rays have not been willing to trade David Price thus far in the off-season, and were approaching an court hearing with...

Robinson Cano joins Seattle Mariners

For 10 years and $240 million.


Damn Free Spending Athletics

TV Revenue and market value examinations show the Rays don't need to trade David Price.

Sam Fuld to be non-tendered

Sam Fuld will officially be a free agent after being non-tendered by the Rays.

Chris Archer: Is he for real?

Will Chris Archer develop into an ace for the Rays?

Yankees sign Brian McCann to five year deal

Because they're the Yankees, and they can.

SBN Awards: The DRaysBay ballots

Yesterday, SB Nation handed out their post-season awards after collecting two ballots from each baseball affiliate. American League Best Player SBN Awards Ian Danny Mike Trout Mike Trout M...

SB Nation offseason simulation: Team complete

I've pretty much wrapped up the Rays' participation in the SBN offseason simulation. You can read about my previous moves here. You can find all moves here. First Base Photo credit: Jake...

Retrospective: Left Fielders since Carl Crawford

And a look forward at the platoon of David DeJesus.

The Rays' Gold Glove Snub

The Rawlings Gold Glove awards were announced last night, and despite the entire infield being nominated, not a single Ray won. Cue outrage, cue disgust. Maybe. Gold glove voting is tough to...

The wrong question about David Price

It's not a matter of whether the Rays will trade their ace, but what will give the Rays the most value.

The 2013 Post-Season in Review: Part 2

Games 1 and 2 of the American League Division Series.

The 2013 Post-Season in Review: Part 1

The Wild Card Race.

On questioning Joe Maddon: pinch hitting Joyce

With five innings and one out in the books, John Lackey's line stood at 4 ER, 7 H, 3 BB, 6 K, and 95 pitches. The Rays had just scored their fourth run and had a man on first base—Yunel Escobar,...

Joe Maddon explains "Why Delmon Young"

His answer is not particularly satisfying.

On Questioning Joe Maddon: Joyce vs Young

One home run does not a good process make.

NY Times: Yankees should spend like Rays

The Rays have a system that works. They spend less than the average team, and have found regular success in spite of that. We're use to this, but it's still worth analyzing for the casual fan or someone not familiar with baseball.

Sternberg: Low attendance will impact '14 payroll

Grappling with the early realities of having league-worst attendance.

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