Season Preview 2012

Four Reasons Wil Myers will start the year in AAA


Contract status, batting, fielding, and necessity are all reasons why Wil Myers should not start the year at the major league level.

The Complete 2012 Rays Season Preview


Over the past month, we've been slowly publishing our Season Preview pieces for the 2012 Rays. It's been a long process, but I believe we've had some really cool pieces in there, and hopefully each...

2012 Season Preview: The Ides of April


2012 Season Preview: The Ides of April

Rays Season Preview 2012: Fernando Rodney


Rodney has not exactly been the model of excellence over the past four sesasons with an ERA of 4.46, FIP of 4.34, and xFIP of 4.47, all of which are below the league average over those four...

Rays Season Preview 2012: Matt Moore


Matt Moore is the most thrilling rookie on the Tampa Bay's roster since Evan Longoria -- but what should we expect from him?

Season Preview: The Catchers


Let's face it - the catcher position has been a rather large black hole in the lineup throughout franchise history. The only time in franchise history that the catchers on the roster combined for...

Rays Season Preview 2012: B.J. Upton


Rays Season Preview 2012: B.J. Upton

2012 Season Previews: J.P. Howell & The Return Of The Dude


2012 Season Previews: J.P. Howell & The Return Of The Dude

2012 Season Previews: Kyle Farnsworth


2012 Season Previews: Kyle Farnsworth

2012 Season Previews: Jeff Keppinger And Elliot Johnson


Jeff Keppinger and Elliot Johnson may not exactly be platoon partners but we could see the two interchanging for each other during the season.


2012 Season Previews: David Price And James Shields


2012 Season Preview of David Price and James Shields.

2012 Season Previews: Evan Longoria


Evan Longoria hits well; he fields well; he runs well -- he is well.

2012 Season Previews: Desmond Jennings


What was the cause of Jennings' late season fade? An in-depth look at Jennings' development and his 2011 performance.

Rays Season Preview 2012: Jake McGee & Brandon Gomes


Our season preview series rolls on, and today we look at two relievers with very different skill sets, but who managed to have oddly similar 2011 seasons. Both Jake McGee and Brandon Gomes have the...

2012 Season Preview: Sean Rodriguez


Sean Rodriguez looking to seize upon an opportunity to prove that he can assume the everyday role as big league starting shortstop.

2012 Season Preview: Jeff Niemann


Jeff Niemann comes into the 2012 season actually having to fight to hold onto his spot in the starting rotation as the Rays have more starting pitching depth than at any other time in history of...

Rays Season Preview 2012: The Luke Scott Shift


As we witnessed yesterday -- or, in my case, read about today -- the Red Sox pulled out the over-shift on Luke Scott yesterday. This is not a terribly rare occurrence; teams have been shifting on...

2012 Season Preview: Reid Brignac


Reid Brignac and the competition for the Rays 2012 shortstop.

Rays Season Preview 2012: Joel Peralta And Fastball Success


From 2010-2011 Peralta's wFB is +24 and his wFB/C is +2.47, good for the second best mark in all of baseball.

BABIPdeedo, I Do What I Want


Jeremy Hellickson and his BABIP have been all the rage in recent weeks. Here's more on the topic

Rays Season Preview 2012: Wade Davis, The Bullpen Is Calling


I've been beating the Wade Davis, Bullpen Candidate drum for a long time now, and I remain convinced that he's going to start the season in the bullpen. He's the weakest candidate for a rotation...

Rays Season Preview 2012: Matt Joyce And 161 PAs


Have 161 PAs unfairly doomed Joyce? Find out in this in-depth glance at Joyce's struggles put in perspective.

Rays Season Preview 2012: Carlos Pena


As the season gets closer, we'll be previewing every player on the 2012 Rays (along with tossing in some other, fun articles). You can find the full archive of our season preview pieces here. After...

2012 Season Preview: Burke Badenhop - Rays Designated Worm Burner


2012 Season Preview: Burke Badenhop - Rays Designated Worm Burner

2012 Season Preview: Vogt Early, Vogt Often?


In 2010, Sean Rodriguez turned a great spring into a 25 man roster spot. In 2011, Casey Kotchman previewed his 2011 regular season with a red-hot March. Could Stephen Vogt be that guy in 2012?

DRaysBay's 2012 Season Preview Series


How is that we're already one week into March? Is it just me, or didn't pitchers and catchers report, oh, a few days ago? For the first time in a number of years, spring training feels like it's...

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