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Community Projections: Starting Pitchers

Bumped  to get more projections In order to speed up the community projections, this post will feature all the Rays starting pitchers plus a few others projected as starters. 2008 IP FIP K's ...

Community Projections: Perez/Kapler

These are the last of the "regulars".  As always, AVG/OBP/SLG.  Give your answers as Perez first, then Kapler to make things easier.  Perez         BA       OBP       SLG 2...

Community Projections: Dioner Navarro

BA/OBP/SLG Navarro BA OBP SLG 2007 0.227 0.286 0.356 2008 0.290 0.349 0.407 Marcels 0.269 0.333 0.391 Also if you...

Community Projections: Carlos Pena

BA/OBP/SLG Pena BA OBP SLG 2007 0.282 0.411 0.627 2008 0.247 0.377 0.494 Marcels 0.261 0.379 0.524 via assets3.sbnation.com

Community Projections: Pat Burrell

Time to start up the community projections again. Since we've been sidetracked for the past few by the Burrell signing, it's only fitting we pick it back up with him. BA/OBP/SLG Burrell BA O...

Community Projections: Matt Joyce

BA/OBP/SLG Joyce BA OBP SLG 2007 0.252 0.339 0.492 Marcels* 0.266 0.347 0.471 James** 0.257 0.335 0.497 *Projections are based on 297 ABs **Projections are based on 296 ABs

Community Projections: Willy Aybar

BA/OBP/SLG   BA OBP SLG 2006 0.28 0.364 0.403 2008 0.253 0.327 0.41 Marcels 0.266 0.343 0.417 Now I shall listen to Low in honor of Aybar.

Community Projections: Carl Crawford

Coming off a disappointing season, next up Carl Crawford. Crawford BA OBP SLG SB 2007 0.315 0.355 0.466 50 2008 0.273 0.319 0.400 25 Marcels 0.292 0.338 0.434 32 As we did...

Community Projections: Jason Bartlett/Shawn Riggans

Since most of us won't be around on Thursday, how's about two today? Jason Bartlett:   Bartlett BA OBP SLG 2007 0.265 0.339 0.361 2008 0.286 0.329 0.361 Marcels 0.277 0.337 0.369 ...

Community Projections: Evan Longoria

Next up we have Evan Longoria : Longoria      BA OBP SLG 2008 0.272 0.343 0.531 James 0.280 0.358 0.534 Marcels 0.280 0.351 0.515 Marcels projections him for only 454 plate...

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