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Simmons Scores on Desmond's Walk-off Error (???)


Mr. Scorekeeper, I beg to differ. This is NOT an error. Watch it several times. Ball hits bat at :05. Run scores at :08. Desmond has about 2 seconds to field, transfer and get the ball home. Impossible. Look at his motion - he knows that if he plays the ball properly, he has no chance. He short arms the throw in a effort to beat the speedy Simmons. Let's give credit where credit's due. Infield single and RBI to Pastornicky, scoring Simmons.

Chipper Jones Set to Retire and the Yankees Lose a Nemesis


I started following baseball in the fall of 1996. There were three names I learned before I knew of any others. Even if I couldn't explain why I knew them, I still knew they were important, as...

The Braves Do the Smart Thing With Melky


Melky Cabrera hugging Kyle Farnsworth: no longer reunited on the Braves. (AP) With the ALCS taking up all the available capacity of my...

600 lines about 30 teams (Part I)


Arizona Diamondbacks Stephen Drew: You hear the shortstop brought up in trade rumors from time to time. The problem with J.D. Drew’s little brother is that with a trade from the generous Chase...

Two Months In


You can’t say the first two months of the season haven’t brought us fascinating division races. In the AL Central, the Twins have played outstanding baseball at their new home and are on a 98-win...

Interleague Play Begins: Atlanta Braves Preview


A series preview and scouting report of the Atlanta Braves.

NEW Gwinnett Braves Blog


I was checking out all of the minor league affiliates' promotions schedules and I stumbled across the Gwinnett Braves new blog. It just launched today and could be a cool place to find info throughout the season.

Jair's Tiny Big-Toe Joint


I hadn't heard about this before. Is this just a case of 'Best Off-Season Ever' or is there something legitimate here about JJ's health moving forward? Maybe this will help get a full season from him? Quote from Article that most intrigued me: "Jurrjens is especially excited for a fresh start. He went just 1-3 after being selected for his first All-Star Game and was mentioned prominently in trade talks over the winter. But he’s still in Atlanta, eager to get in full season now that doctors have discovered the underlying cause of his lingering knee problems—a shorter-than-normal joint in his right big toe, which caused his ankle to turn outward and put more street on the knee. After being fitted with orthotics, the pain was gone in a couple of weeks. "I feel like I’m a brand new kid," said Jurrjens, who just turned 26 this past weekend. "I’m happy I’m here and I’ll be trying to help the team as much as I can."

Jair Jurrjens on the Block


Should the Cubs make a play to trade for Jurrjens? Is he too big of an injury risk? If they do trade for Jurrjens, who do the Cubs give up in return? I believe the Cubs should try to trade for him. We definitely need the pitching, but I'm not sure what pieces would be required to get him.

Cain being shopped to Braves? hahaha i'm so funny haha


"The Royals are among the teams the Braves have approached about Jurrjens. The Braves are interested in a number of Kansas City’s highly-regarded young prospects, including outfielder Wil Myers, who has spent the past few weeks impressing in the Arizona Fall League. Along with Myers, the Braves have also talked to the Royals about Lorenzo Cain."

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