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How today's starter affects tomorrow's game


Managers have long stretched starters under the guise of "saving the bullpen" after periods of heavy usage. But what effect, if any, is there between reliever usage yesterday and win probability...

The Rays and Bullpen Leverage

The Rays bullpen has done poorly this season. They need to pitch better, but are they being used optimally?

Building on Jeff's graphical analysis of the Royals' bullpen usage, I put together a color-coded...


Building on Jeff's graphical analysis of the Royals' bullpen usage, I put together a color-coded table of what optimal usage would have looked like (using my 20/20 hindsight glasses.) With seven colors, I picked out the 1/7 highest LI bullpen appearances (in different games, obviously), the next 1/7 highest, etc., until I had seven groups of nine appearances each. The average LI's of those seven bullpen roles are here: green: 2.87 orange: 2.25 purple: 1.75 blue: 1.28 pink: 0.71 grey: 0.28 white: 0.06 Obviously, there are some overly optimistic assumptions with thinking Joakim Soria could have a 2.87 pLI so far this year instead of his 2.17. Trey Hillman would have to be clairvoyant, for one. And Soria would have had to pitch on four of the first five days of the season. But this is a move in the right direction, at least. (Also, I'd rather use gmLI -- the LI when a reliever enters the game -- or innLI -- the LI at the beginning of each inning a reliever pitches -- because worse relievers will create more LI for themselves by allowing runners on base. But laziness trumped perfection this time.)

Can it Be Jepsen AND Fuentes?


Are Relief Roles too confined by not imagining pitchers playing other defensive positions?

Bullpen Usage Charts


Now we can track Jerry's abuse.

Caple: "Closer" is the most overrated position in sports


I don't know how many, if any, people reading this would disagree, but it's nice to see this issue written about somewhere other than Baseball Prospectus, Hardball Times, etc. Two particularly good quotes in the article: 1) Billy Beane: "Whitey Herzog had a lot of success with a closer by committee... Although now that I think back on it, I'm not sure they called it 'closer by committee' back then. I think then it was just called 'using your bullpen wisely.' Then closers became 'specialists'." 2) Caple on the risk of more rational bullpen usage (i.e., using the best reliever in truly high-leverage situations): "Of course, there is one inherent risk to that. While teams and fans would view the save, 'save situations' and closers in a more accurate light, there is also the unfortunate risk that they would eventually overvalue the 'hold'." Also worth reading is Jonah Keri's article published on Page 2 today: "Should K-Rod be AL MVP?"

Sunday's Plastic Cup is a Reds-Killer


Baseball season can be so silly.  Three days ago, I was feeling down about this team, and judging from the comments here, I was far from alone.  Then we picked off the last game against the...

Relief Usage: Week One


Over the off-season I professed how I had a distaste for our bullpen, particularly the middle and back parts consisting of Gary Glover and Scott Dohmann. Every Monday I'll look at the usage over...

On pulling Gabbard


Last night, with an 11-0 lead, Ron Washington pulled Kason Gabbard after Gabbard had thrown 92 pitches in 7 innings.  I thought that was a rather obvious, non-controversial decision. However, it...

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