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The Post Where I Try to Be Poetic But Instead Fail


So we're down 3-1, and this is potentially the last night of an amazing season and as a I reflect I'm simply not depressed. I'm disappointed that we may see no more baseball in St. Pete until next...

If Game 2 was a dream and I was Sigmund Freud.


Imagine this. Two cars drag racing at 1 AM. One of the drivers is drunk and ahead. All of a sudden the drunk driver hits some mailboxes and is side by side by the sober driver, who is surprisingly...

Upton, Pena, Longoria = 0-12, 0 TOB


There's your reason for losing game one. At least one (or two, or all) have to get on or circle base(s) in order for the offense to go. Sometimes you're going to get games like last night, and...

Kazmir Threw Sliders Again


65% fastballs, 25% sliders, 10% change-ups. Not a beautiful start, but a lot better than what we were seeing a month ago. More tomorrow.

2008 World Series Preview: Rays vs. Phillies


The Phillies have lost to every other team in our division in the World Series, so let's hope it's our turn. Much like us, they have relied on a very good bullpen, good defense, and a balanced...

Q&A with Peter Baker of The Good Phight


Same exercise, new person. Peter Baker of TGP, home of the NL Champions. Check out TGP over the next day or so to see my take on their questions. It appears that Joe Blanton and Jamie Moyer are...

The Morning After


via d.yimg.com via d.yimg.com via d.yimg.com --- I think Carl Crawford's reaction might have been worth all those losing seasons. Nobody deserves this more than Rocco and himself. Oh...

The Velociraptor Hatched


via mlb.mlb.com Lil Wayne must be so proud.



The coldest story was to be told tonight. The Rays were done. History was against them, but history doesn't play baseball. This team has shown again and again how true that is. This was freaking...

Recap: David Price has more Postseason Wins than C.C. Sabathia, and I don't care.


via www.fangraphs.com I only have one thing:  

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