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Bullpen Handedness Leaderboard


With handedness becoming a manner with which to specialize bullpen pitchers, let's take a look at the best relievers platoon split-wise so far this season.

Lineup Simulation That Uses Regressed Splits


A tool for using regressed L/R platoon splits in a lineup simulator.


Jemile Weeks Should Stop Batting Right Handed

Now, I say this based solely on the numbers, as since I (unfortunately) live in Michigan, and I didn't get around to buying MLB.TV this year, I only see a very limited amount of games. The grand...

How to actually look at platoon skill (Garko mentioned).


A lengthy, meaty, and highly informative FanGraphs article from Matt Klaassen about platoon splits and how to actually estimate platoon skill. It pertains particularly to us because he mentions the newest Texas Ranger in there. For a right-handed example, let’s use Ryan Garko, recently acquired by the Mariners as a platoon 1B/DH. Garko’s career wOBA is .347, .332 vs. RHP in 1229 PA, and .382 vs. LHP in 485 PA — a 14.4% difference. But he’s a righty, so we regress toward 2200 PA of the average (6.1%): (.144*485+.0611*2200)/(485+2200) for an estimated platoon skill of 7.6%. Using the CHONE projection of .345 wOBA, we’d estimate Garko to be a .338 hitter versus RHP, and .364 versus LHP. That’s a good hitter versus lefties, and while the .338 isn’t great for a 1B/DH, it isn’t as if he’s helpless against RHP.

Platoons and You: The Rockies v LHP


The Rockies were criticized in 2009 for being seemingly unable to hit lefthanders. Was it really as bad as they say? Counting Rocks explores the issue.

How About A Francoeur/Pagan Platoon?


How About A Francoeur/Pagan Platoon?

World Series Batting Order Optimizer: Philadelpha Phillies


Some wacky ideas for how the Philadelphia Phillies should set their batting order versus the New York Yankees in the 2009 World Series that Charlie Manual will definitely adopt.

World Series Batting Order Optimizer: New York Yankees


What would be the best batting order for the New York Yankees in the 2009 World Series?

Let's Split Up, Gang!


The Mets should use a 1B platoon in 2010.

Lousy Lineup Optimizer: San Francisco Giants


Yet another installment in an intermittent series of articles optimizing the batting orders or teams with bad offenses. This article takes on the revamped lineup of the San Francisco Giants as they...

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