Rays Analysis

Is it time to worry about the Rays offense?

They've scored only 3.2 runs per game, and two runs or less in half of the fourteen games they've played this season. Only five players have hit at an above average rate, and one of them, Sean...

Matt Joyce, lead off hitter

Quick thoughts on Joyce batting lead off.

The Rays with runners on base in 2013

The Cardinals were great last year, and one reason was their performance with runners on base. The Cardinals had the highest wOBA by 14 points at .362, with the Tigers and Red Sox tied for second...

Best & worst case Projections for the new bats

Baseball Prospectus has published their 10-Year Projections, UPSIDE grades, Percentiles for performance, and Comparables. It's been a glorious morning, whether you love PECOTA or hate it, as this...

Cameron Seitzer gets the spotlight

The young Cameron Seitzer, 23, may find his way to Triple-A this season, and before yesterday you might not have known his name, even if it sounds familiar. He is the son of Kevin Seitzer, a two...

Framing the discussion on Hanigan & Molina

The future is now. With public data released en mass by Dan Brooks and Harry Pavlidis this week, here's how Jose Molina and Ryan Hanigan stack up against the best in framing pitches.

2014 Writers' Top Prospect Lists: Michael's

Here are my top 30 prospects in the Rays system.

2014 DRaysBay Community Top 30 Prospects

Here is how the DRaysBay community ranks the Rays top 30 prospects.

The State and Future of Pitch-Framing Research

Pitch framing is a common topic of conversation at DRaysBay, but it's not common knowledge for everyone. Whether you are new to the concept of quantifying a catcher's framing of the strikezone, or a seasoned sabermatrician, this article by friend-of-the-site Bradley Woodrum is well worth your time.

Get To Know Curt Casali

With Jose Lobaton shipped off to Washington, Curt Casali figures to have an increased role on the major league team in the next couple of years.


Evaluating the Forsythe and Lobaton trades

How the front office made two necessary moves to sure up the farm and improve the roster. Alternatively: the Rays traded from depth to get deeper.

Understanding the Approach of Rays Hitters

How well did you do with Ian's test on Monday? How well do you feel like you know the Rays hitters? One of the draws for watching baseball is knowing the tendencies of your pitchers and hitters,...

Replacing Hellickson's Lost Innings

Last week we also received word the Rays were in on A.J. Burnett, who could make more than David Price next season. Instead of that being an alternative to the former Cy Young winner, perhaps that...

Cyborg predictions: Rays pitching

Another attempt at finding the wisdom of the crowds.

Cyborg projections: Rays offense

Another attempt at finding the wisdom of the crowds.

David Price and risk

The Rays' apparent decision to keep Price is risky. A decision to trade him would also have been risky.

Stepping Up: Odorizzi, Colome, and Romero

What Jake Odorizzi, Alex Colome, and Enny Romero each need to do to become quality starters.

Mapping Out A David Price Extension

What would it take for David Price to sign a long term deal with the Tampa Bay Rays? Five years? Six? Seven? How much per year, $25M? Price seems excited to remain a Ray. What would a couple more...

Comparing Evan Longoria and Mike Schmidt

At this point in his career, how does Evan Longoria compare to Mike Schmidt?

Jeremy Hellickson and Men on Base

Once a FIP-beater -- a pitcher who consistently outperformed expectations with a remarkably low ERA compared to defense independent stats -- Jeremy Hellickson's 2013 season suffered from a drop in...

Jose Molina and Ryan Hanigan, pitch-framing stars

Jose Molina and Ryan Hanigan have been two of the best pitch-framing catchers in baseball. How much value does their expertise bring the Rays?

How the Rays offense improved BAbip in 2013

Last off-season I had serious concerns that the Rays had a problem with luck. For two seasons, the Rays had out performed their in-play batting average by posting offensive metrics above league...

Desmond Jennings and his AL East counterparts

The AL East is chock full with good centerfielders. How does Desmond Jennings stack up with the competition?

Who is Jerry Sands?

Jerry Sands has been nomadic over the past year or so. Originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 25th round and primarily a first baseman, Sands found his way to the major league level in 2011 as an...

James Loney returns to Tampa Bay

Appreciating the defensive wonder and line drive hitting of James Loney, the Rays first baseman for three years to come.

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