The Rays Tank

The Rays Tank: 4.5 games back


Oh hey Wild Card! Only Kansas City, Cleveland, Toronto, New York, Seattle and L.A. stand in our way.

The Rays Tank: Rays not dealing until the deadline


Per Gammons and Sherman.

The Rays Tank: Second half, and GO


But actually wait until tomorrow because the Rays don't play till then soooo...

Rays Tank: AL wins Priceless all-star game


Home field advantage secured.

The Rays Tank: Hey now, you're an All Star


Smashmouth Tuesdays at DRaysBay!

The Rays Tank: Last Series Before Break


The Rays welcome Toronto to town for a three game series before the All-Star Break.

The Rays Tank: Grand Slammer from Kiermaier


The Rays lost in disappointing fashion last night courtesy of the bullpen and a rough ninth inning, but Kevin Kiermaier kept his darling rookie status alive with a grand slam: It was Kiermaier's...

The Rays Tank: Late Inning Drama


The Rays defeated the Royals 4-3 last night in Hellickson's 2014 debut.

The Rays Tank: Big Game James was Big Game James


Eh, when James Shields is back on the mound at the Trop I don't feel bad about the Royals winning. Sorry. Wade Davis did his part too, along with Scott Downs, in shutting out the Rays 6-0....


The Rays Tank: Sweep in the Bronx


More signs of life!

The Rays Tank: Grant's Grammy Gives him the Ninth


Closer by committee sees former closer take the ninth, thanks to his grandma.

The Rays Tank: Another win, this is nice


It took a blown lead and twelve innings, but the Rays won again.

The Rays Tank: Hold Your Horses, Rays Play Two!


Two chances to win today!

The Rays Tank: DP is on, DP is most likely gone


The Rays Tank: Runs Wasted


The Rays offense managed to collect twelve hits and five runs, but would fall just short in yesterday's 6-5 loss to the Pirates.

The Rays Tank: 31-47


Per Marc Topkin, Joe Maddon wanted the Rays to achieve at least a 50-50 season. To do that, they'd have to go 19-3 the rest of the way. The seemingly only way to make that potentially feasible...

The Rays Tank: Bouncing Back


After getting shutout for the eleventh time this season on Wednesday, the Rays bounced back and turned the tables as they shutout the Astros 5-0.

The Rays Tank: Eleven Shutouts


Yesterday's loss marks shutout number eleven for the Rays.

The Rays Tank: Perspective


Warning: This isn't your standard Tank. The postgame recap will be up sometime this morning.

The Rays Tank: Enter Sandsman


Sorry Mariano.

The Rays Tank: Travel Day Means No Losing


The Rays are still on a one-game win streak, dating back to Wednesday.

The Rays Tank: Runs were scored and the Rays won


Runs were scored. And then, the Rays won. THEY WON.

The Rays Tank: What's a Run?


A run-something that the Rays haven't scored in the last 28 innings.

The Rays Tank: 24-41


Tweets and links only. This is getting too painful for words. And that's not even dramatic.

The Rays Tank: Goodbye, Zim


Last night the Rays bid farewell to good friend and mentor Don Zimmer, who passed away after 83 spectacular baseball-filled years. Joe Maddon, Tom Foley, David Price and Evan Longoria shared some...

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