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Rays 11 Dodgers 10: Luke Raley’s speed on both sides of the ball secures series win

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GDT: Hope y’all have Peacock!

And you woke up early enough

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Rays 5, Dodgers 6: Welcome back, Tyler

Too bad the game was a bummer

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GDT: He’s baaaaaaaack

The Return of the Baby Giraffe

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Rays 9, Dodgers 3: Rays revenge tour begins with a win

Rays score often and early, continue to dominate at home

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GDT: Yandy’s Back

Yandy, Randy, Franco, and the Lowes

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The Latest

Rays: 7, Blue Jays: 3 - Rays’ Bounce Back in Win Over Blue Jays

Shane was brilliant, bullpen was shaky, sky is blue

GDT: Was there a game last night?

I think I hallucinated it all

Josh Lowe should be an All Star

Pabst Blue Ribbon names Wade Boggs an Official Spokesperson

It’s not just a conspiracy theory!

TB 1, TOR more: Burdi and the Rays lay an egg

There’s gonna be some stinkers in a 162 game season.

GDT: The Rise of Taj

Rays try to get a little (Van) Wilder on Toronto

Rays 6, Blue Jays 4: Waiting to Exhale

Kevin Kiermaier’s defensive greatness was not enough to stop the Rays from beating the Blue Jays.

GDT: I remember when playing the Blue Jays was essentially a guaranteed series win...

No longer...

Taj Bradley, another “Rays Pitching Lab” success

Here’s what the young righthander has to say about his pitching

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

This stream has:

The Rays and the story of Modern Baseball

Brewers 6, Rays 4: Adames exacts revenge

Also, Cooper falls into a black hole at the end of this one.

GDT: The Rays are giving away sunglasses today!

Be sure to wear them during the indoor game!

Rays 8, Brewers 4: Yandy Diaz Dandy!

Yandy Diaz shined with three hits including a three-run-homer to lead the Rays to victory.

Rays make $50,000 commitment to Everytown in wake of mass shootings

Rays quietly change policy, no longer allow outside food

The Rays — like 28 other teams in baseball — used to allow outside food at Tropicana Field, but now they don’t. Why?

GDT: Zach Eflin, Rays Pitcher, has a nice “ring” to it

GDT: Sugar Shane to take us home

At least, we can hope!

Rays: 2, Mets: 3 - Big Apple takes a bite out of the Rays

Bradley great in return - Rays drop series to Mets

GDT: Escape from New York

Let’s make like a tree (upon which lies a hypothetical Big Apple) and get outta here.

Rays 7, Mets 8: Losing New York-style

How many leads can one team lose.

GDT: Ahhhhhh, da Big Apple

The Center of the World. The Big Bean. The City by the Bay. These are all the names of New York City, the City with 1000 Names. That was another one.

Rays 8, Mets 5: Paredes and co. power Rays to another win

Paredes’ two homer night propels Rays to 32nd victory

GDT: I honestly thought we would be leaving New York by now

I feel like I have been trapped here against my will.

Rays 8, Yankees 7: Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day

The bat were swinging for power in Yankee stadium today

Rays Social Justice

How to use FanPosts and FanShots

The conversation starts with you.

GDT: Sundays are for picnics — in NYC’s Olmstead Parks

Rays 8, Yankees 9: Give our regards to Broadway

Can’t wait to leave.

GDT: The New Deal in NYC

Drew Rasmussen out indefinitely with flexor strain

The core member of the Rays rotation will be out indefinitely

GDT: A New England fishing the Bronx?

Rays 8, Yankees 2 - No foul play, just a W

Josh Lowe powers the Rays to their MLB-Leading 30th win