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A-Rod : Angels are like Tampa

Listening to IMUS program on 850 the Buzz (Chris Carlin going thru sports ) on the way to work this morning I heard the quote of A-Rod giving his due to the Angels, saying they are like Tampa. If you click on this link and scrolll down to end of page for A-Rods comments, and listen at 1 min, 44 secs, you hear the Tampa mention.

By the way, Lou cleans up pretty well. He is part of the broadcast team for tonight's playoff game between the Sox and Angels. It still my contention that Lou may of wanted to return for the final year, but the new regime wanted a change now. All this talk of the new owner Stu not doing anything yet. What should be most important is that we build a team that is successful for years to come. If anyone remembers going to games in 1989 in Atlanta, the team on field was a joke. You could get just about any seat and show up at game time. We want a winner not just for next year, but for the next 10 or so.