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Manager Search

I thought I would take a look at the track record of where different teams pulled a new manager out of their hat.

Broadcasters: Larry Dierker went from TV announcer to team manager. Similarly, Joe Torre left the announcer gig to return to the field in St. Louis.

Long retired: Davey Johnson has come out of retirement a few times. Jim Leyland takes that category this year.

Just Let Go: This year Pirates nab Jim Tracy after things went sour in LA. Their might be a few names to add to the list.

A fresh start: Tony LaRussa left his long time job with A's for a fresh start in St. Louis.

Surprise picks: The Marlins pulled Jack McKeon for their job, and Astros selected Phil Garner. Both got the job at midseason and did well on the job even after being out of the game a while.

Second chances: Boston's current manager got his second chance after being let go in Phily. Similarly, Bobby Valentine got a chnace with Mets after stops in Arlington and Japan. Texas gave Showalter another shot. Bob Melvin got another shot last season with D-Backs.

Up and coming managers: Candidates who had been coaches in MLB right after their careers were over, who then got their shot at managing in majors. Tony Pena fits that category. This year the guy bing mentioned here is Joe Girardi. Ozzie Guillen was a Marlins coach before getting his shot.

From Minors: It is usually rare when this happens. Last offseason, it looked like Backman filled their job from the minors. This year Bill Evers is out there after years in Minors

Retreads: Dusty Baker or Dallas Green fit this category. Even Art Howe, or Lou Piniella.

SP Times on the manager search:

"(Sternberg)'s very enthusiastic about what he's going to try to accomplish, and I think he'll be successful. I think he'll do well. It was time for a change. That's not a knock on Vince, but it was time for a change and a fresh approach."

Girardi, the Yankees bench coach, spoke briefly with Sternberg on Tuesday after arriving in New York from Anaheim. He said the talk went well and he expects to meet with Sternberg, possibly in New York, around the end of the week. "Thursday's a (Jewish) holiday, so it will be sometime after that," Girardi said.