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Raysball America: Vol. 1- Issue 1

Purpose: To inform fans on Rays Prospects and the overall Devil Rays Organization from top to bottom.

Raysin' Arizona

Not much has gone on so far for the Rays "Sinister 6" seeing that the AFL has only started around a week ago.

Bankston and Pridie have held their own while showing power and Elliot Johnson has shown some speed with a triple and a stolen base already in the limited ABs that he's been given so far. Nothing to write home to mom about, yet, but I'm sure that Bankston will start getting more starts and show why he's one of the best Rays prospects that noone has heard of.

As for our pitchers, Stokes leads the Desert Dogs in IP with 6.1(so that says alot for how early we are into the season). He's held his own and has a 3.5 K/BB ratio. Jamie Shields has shown some consistency and is pretty much guaranteeing himself a spot in the Durham Bulls Rotation for next year. Wade Townsend is improving(0 walks), yet still reminding us what he did in the NY-Penn League(6.00 ERA) and apparently there's a rumor going around that he's going down for 1 yr. with an upcoming TJ Surgery. Who knows the facts until it actually gets reported.

Once I know if this rumor is correct or not, it'll be posted.

[editor's note, by Jacob Larsen] Wade Townsend will undergo TJ surgery according to the Rays official site.