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CC development

Sickels on CC :

In any event, even if he stays about as productive as he is now and doesn't get better, he's still a good player, a fine example of how organizations dream of "tools" guys developing. His tools are tremendous, and he's developed the skills to make them meaningful. Further skill development would push him beyond being "good" into being excellent. At this point, if I were the D-Rays, I'd worry less about Crawford developing power, and would have him concentrate on better strike zone judgment. This would raise his OBP and make it less dependent on his batting average, and would get him better pitches to hit, which could increase his power production even without major mechanical changes in his swing. He doesn't have to become a walk machine, but even a marginal improvement in his discipline would go a long way towards making him an outstanding player.

A better plate discipline would go a long way. At least the Rays finally figured out Carl is not a leadoff hitter. My take on plate discipline is either you have it, or you don't.  Carl like Rocco needs to improve here. But, I'll believe it when I see it.