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Sports Blurbs Farm Report

Mr. Franco of SportsBlurbs (who I have bookmarked on sidebar) has the Devil Rays featured in his farm report. The one thing Rays are known for as of recent are their prospects.  Its Delmon Young and everybody else. Here is the SportsBlurbs Rays prospect list.

1. Delmon Young ETA: 2006.
2. Jeff Niemann ETA: 2007.
3. Wes Bankston ETA: 2007.
4. Reid Brignac ETA: 2010.
5. Elijah Dukes ETA: 2008.
6. Jason Hammel ETA: 2007.
7. James Houser ETA: 2009.
8. Wade Davis...

Now is your chance to comment on his selection of players for his top 10.