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Speaking of prospects

The Josh Hamilton draft dates back to June 1999. That is over 6 years ago.  The guy has not played higher than AA. He has been either in trouble or hurt almost all of his career. What to do with him? Last I checked, he is still property of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. That is an interesting interview question for the incoming GM. Do we cut ties with him already, or do we give him one more chance. That is assuming he gets another chance.

This has to rate as one of the biggest draft busts known. This is worse than Shawn Abner.

Its about time he stops occupying roster space. I guess he has to be reinstated for that to happen. But, this organization is deep on OF prospects. Its time to cut this guy loose. He is a reminder of what went wrong with the old regime. I hope they move forward and clean out all the old skeletons as much as possible.

It sure looks that way, as we have no more Chuck LaMar to blame. Stu and his boys are on the clock.  They are creating new footprints.