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Stats man gone in Dodger Town

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So the Dodgers let go of Billy Beane's protege. One thing this did is take Bobby Valentine off the radar for the Devil Rays. I think the Dodger's job is a better fit for Bobby no doubt.  As far as the GM getting canned, it seems to me this has Tommy Lasorda's fingerprints all over it.  I guess Tommy boy finally has established a relatonship with McCourt, and they are finally trusting Lasorda. I am not sure if this is a good thing though.

Paul made some questionable trades and player decisions the past few years. But, the failure of the team this year had more to do with injuries than it did with skipper and the GM. The stars just did not align the past few years in Dodger town.

Whoever, gets the jobs in LA must realize their future is tied to their farm club and not the current MLB players. With Tommy in charge, I'm not so sure that will happen.