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what an exciting time is ahead

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I can't remember a time when the current state of the Rays looked this good.

Its time to start a new tommorow. Can I say the cliche : The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades?

Getting rid of our current GM would be one coup..

But, when you consider what we have in store for 2006. There are so many possibilities now.

We might even have some attendance numbers next year.

Its like starting all over.

Winning cures alot, but a better organization head to toe is what its all about in the grand scheme of things. Lets hope we are building a class organization from here on out.

Lets fix whatever things have gone wrong while the franchise was held hostage by Naimoli and company.

They got the Tampa area the franchise, we'll give them that. Now, its time to take back our team.