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Mom, I think that I've just been "STUNG"...

If you're a member of, ever checked out a blog called "Rays Talk" or "The Week in Rocc(The Rocc Says..)", You've probably heard of me.

Like my bio says, or should say, I am one of the most opinionated and humor-first Devil Ray bloggers on the internet today.

What is my purpose here, you ask?
Don't you already have your own blog network to write for, you ask?

Well, I'm here to spread my words farther and to give this blog some prospect news and inform Devil Rays fans who in their Minor League Systems are good so that they know who these kids are before they hit the show.

I also will be writing a bi-weekly post during the Arizona Fall League season named "Raysball America"(tee hee hee, play on words) detailing what our prospects have done in for the Desert Dogs in that 2 week period.

I wish you all good reading and a guarantee of ABSOLUTELY NO GAME PREVIEWS...