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All right things were said

As I listened to the podcast/audio file of the press conference from, I could not of been more proud for the city of Tampa for getting what they finally deserved, a chance to be a legitimate frachise.

We thought when Lou arrived three years ago that we had finally arrived. But, we were fooled as it takes a complete buy in from the top guy all the way down.

It was interesting hearing about Lou and Stu discussions that took place. Stu was frank about how it just was not a fit for both parties. I guess when you are making complete wholesale changes to keep a guy on a 1 year deal does not make sense.

The free parking... man the guy knows you have to give in some way to open up to the community. It is a nice gesture. Thats just the first step in repairing the damage that Naimoli and crew has inflicted on fans over the years. Vince had no clue in marketing the team to area. His relationship with area was finsished.

Its quite clear that Mr. Sternberg has run a business before. The customer comes first. I don't know much about his selection of president. All I know is that his name is not LaMar. Thats good enough for me.

Now, to me the greatest thing I heard at the press conference is that the ownership group is completely approachable by the fan base. He wants to hear from you.

What a great day for the Tampa area and its fans.