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Cut Down Day

Times writes the manager list will be down to three, and that Hunsicker could be in the fold.

Stu on filling out the role of GM:

"It seems to me you could be a jack of all trades and master of only a couple of duties a general manager has."

So, Sternberg decided he would staff the front office with people with expertise in specific areas. His primary problem will be getting a person knowledgeable in personnel to take that job. A former general manager like Hunsicker may be reluctant to take a job that doesn't give him full authority.

I am not sure how Cruz Jr made this list of underratedFree agents. I'd take Carl Everett any day of the week over Cruz Jr.

Lets hope this does not happen:

Tampa Bay has not been an attractive place for free agents in the past, so the new GM may have to package some of that young talent to get the No. 1 starter the team needs
Lugo and Baez have their contracts picked up. Lugo sure getting some high marks