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Rich & Bryan

Kudos to Gerry Hunsicker and Andrew Friedman down in Tampa Bay. They are trying to unload Huff while they can and at the same time take care of one of their own in Rocco Baldelli. The Devil Rays, if managed properly, could become the Cleveland Indians of the late-'90s.
For those who don't remember the 90s, BP recounts the methodology used in Cleveland:
John Hart pioneered the practice of locking up young players and locking out arbitration in the early 1990s, when he was the general manager of the Cleveland Indians. Hart, faced with a bumper crop of young players on a rebuilding team, traded dollars up front to players such as Jim Thome, Carlos Baerga, Manny Ramirez, and Charles Nagy in exchange for the certainty of having them under contract for up to four seasons. The players Hart signed became the backbone of six AL Central championship teams, but as Jacobs Field filled the Indians? coffers, the low-cost contracts helped the team keep the lion?s share of that money. The size of the investment makes judicious use of the tool a must. Hart signed virtually every young player the Indians developed ? in some cases, like Thome?s, even before the player had become a regular. That worked well, but also left him with occasional busts...