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Will We Recognize This Team Next Year?

I'd like to ask for Stu Sternberg for a job right now. An internship would be great, thanks. When the Rays current Front Office puts something in their sights, they take it head-on and actually do it.

Within 1 month, they have totally changed everything. New Front Office, New Manager with a totally different "feel" for baseball, resigned Rocco to a long-term deal and are up to their shoulders in trade talks.

Wow, If I were the rest of Major League Baseball...I'd be a little worried about the Rays. I know that we've yet to make a trade or sign a Free Agent, but the aggressiveness that Freidman, Silverman, Sternberg and Hunsicker are showing is downright scary. They're like hungry rottweilers with steaks being dangled in front of their cages. They'll do anything to get those steaks.

Now, I'm reading that the Rays are hearing offers for 7 members of the current 40-Man Roster. Huff, Baez, Lugo, Gathright, Hall, Brazelton(wow, never thought anyone else would want him) and Gomes have all been mentioned in trade talks. Right now, I'd only want us to keep at all costs would be Gomes. Everyone else could go without any squabbles from me.  Lugo would be nice to keep until Upton is ready, but if we were to get Marte in return...I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I'm giddy hearing that teams want to talk to us about trades, seeing as after the Kazmir trade noone wanted to deal with "All-or-nothing" Chuck LaMar. Now reading the names being mentioned that we could acquire in trades, they're better than any deal that LaMar could dream.

By the time that we sign a Free Agent, we may be without any major "holes" that we've been worried about since 2004(the first big spending-spree). We could just spend on 1 good starter and 1 good hitter.

How long has it been since this team was almost completely unrecognizable to it's fans from the year before?