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Rebranding the Rays

It's quite clear that the Devil Rays are going through a complete makeover. Gone are the days of bumbling, cluelessness, and showing lack of smarts. What is taking place here is a whole new world, or an entire rebranding effort:

And to stand out and prosper, you must leverage your experience, way of thinking, ideas, skills and braggables to create a perception that there is no one in the marketplace quite like you.

What has taken place in the matter of weeks, is an entirely life altering way the organization is being run.

We have all heard about the 47 page email that our new leader Stuart Sternberg has drawn up outlining the principles and the direction of the franchise. Instead of being known as an organization that does not do anything right, it is being transformed to one that thinks big picture, and has a plan from the CEO all the way down to the the mailroom clerk in the Devil Rays office. It is getting to point where it will be privelage to say you work for the Devil Rays.The "new" Rays are changing the bar.

The Rays have built the first organization of its kind. One where the business model is formulated the way a typical business would operate. There is the CEO, president, baseball operations, sales, ticket office, and so on.

When it came time to hire a general manager, what did they do. They did not take the traditonal approach and choose a general manager who has strengths in one area, and possible weaknesses in another area. Its hard to find a jack of all trades guy in a General Manager. So, they took the young Friedman who knows the landscape of the Rays organization and experince of Hunsicker and created a two headed monster.

When it came time to knowing how to market the team like a real business which includes reaching out to the community. The new ownership struck the right chords so far to help fix the damage that was done with the old regime.

The new manager search was quite extensive. They did not hire the first qualified candidate to enter the offices in Tampa. They went under the hood and paid attention to all the aspects involved in the position. They took thir time making sure they got the right candidate. No offense to Joe Girardi, but their is quite a difference to being a bench coach for one season, to being a coach for a decade in one spot, along with other experiences within the organization that went along with that.

As the Rays take podium tomorow, realize the franchise that exists today is a complete different one that existed less than a month ago. We thought the organization was leitimate when we got Lou, boy were we fooled. We are entering a new day. One that includes complete "buy in" from Stuart Sternerg all the way throughout the organization.

To be a Rays fan prior to November took real dedication. It will be rewarded to all the die hards out there. Keep the Faith!