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Playing the Market

Now that we've got the Front Office and Manager sorted out, the fun begins. Gerry and Andy have to decide what they want next year's line-up to look like. We've got expendable players and a strong market because of those players' low contracts and high production.

They're also gonna have to decide if they want to acquire veterans or prospects through those trades. Vets would help us in the short-term sense, helping us now with a strong attitude towards winning and more credibility for future trades and signings. Prospects and Rookies would give us a better shot at having a long-term roster where we have the same players for 5+ years and we could progressively improve on a year-by-year basis and wouldn't have to sign many players in Free Agency.

Both have their upsides and downsides, but pretty much guarantees some success for the Rays. I personally would choose acquiring prospect postional players and veteran pitchers in trades. You have a better chance at getting something good with a positional prospect than a pitching prospect. Veteran pitchers, you can easily look at their MLB stats and know what you're getting out of them.

If Baez, Lugo and Huff all get traded, we're gonna have alot of money in the predicted payroll to spend on a smaller amount of players. That's a huge plus for us. We could woo one of those Free Agent Veteran Starting Pitchers to come to St. Pete and become our ace for the time being. Acquiring an innings-eating mid-to-high 20s starter would be a smart move for the "Brain Trust"