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Pitching and defense

I just finished listening to the press conference audio cast at the MLB web site.

AP Photo

What I can tell you is that I am impressed with Joe Maddon's comments. I can sum up his perspective on the game with the saying : "Stars are made, they are not born". Its quite apparent that Joe knows that you must work on little details of the game. That includes defense no matter how long you have been in this game. With the stance of building the team around defense, it will be interesting to see if the Cantu and Upton double play combination will ever take place. I guess if they work at the game it will.

I think B.J. has put work in on his glove, and Cantu is respectable at the second base, so I think they will be alteast given that chance.

Its quite clear Joe has a plan and he has been at least part of a successful track record. He clearly is not old school like his predecessor. Lou ran the team by confrontation, this guy is about communication on and off the field.

Now that we know Joe will be the Rays "Field General", who will be the team leader(s)?