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Trimming Some Fat Off...

Out of boredom, I sent "Rays Official Beat Writer" Bill Chastain a question regarding the Rays 40-Man Roster. I asked whether or not it'd be smart if the Rays trimmed the Rays 40-Man Roster down, seeing that the deadline that the Rays have to have one made official by the end of today.

My problem is that the Rays have a bunch of, as it pains me to say it, bums. They have Dewon Brazelton, Kevin Cash, Jon Switzer, Carlos Hines, Jesus Colome and Josh Hamilton all on the 40-Man roster right now. Hines, Hamilton and Switzer aren't even worth mentioning, while Brazelton, Cash and Colome have(or haven't) done things that give the Rays reasons to outright cut them. Brian Stokes is also questionable on whether or not he deserves to be on the 40-Man right now, due to his decent play in the AFL this fall.

Dropping those 6 players leaves the Rays roster at around 33 and those spots could be used on players like Wes Bankston, Shawn Riggans, Jamie Shields, Brian Henderson and Elijah Dukes(hahaha, surprised I mentioned him, huh?), then leaves 2 more spots that could go towards the Rule V Draft in December. I'd personally do that, with Freidman, Hunsicker, Maddon and Wilken all known to be good talent scouts.

Also, I personally think that most of those 6 players won't be snapped up on Waivers and could easily be picked right back up in Free Agency and signed to minor-league contracts.