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Some work to do

To me, the decisions ahead for the new regime is a tough one. Based on the second half success, do you keep most of the pieces in tact, or do you take a hard view and build for the long term in mind.

We have alot of chips that could be used to change the look and feel of this team, but what will be the overall effect on the chemistry.

The way I see it we will be looking at an almost a different looking team next year. Sternebrg even prepared us for this in the Hunsicker press conference that there will be changes.

It seems we will have different personnel in place at catcher (Toby Hall), First Base (Aubrey Huff), Shortstop (Julio Lugo), Third Base (Gonzalez), and Closer (Baez).

In addition to those openings, we have two top of the rotation pitchers to fill. Hopefully one is filled by Fossum being resigned. However, if this team is set up the right way, everybody slides down a spot with Big Hendrickson moving on.


C. Crawford


B. Upton
F. Cortez

R. Baldelli
D. Hollins

J. Cantu
N. Green


J. Gomes

N. Green


1. ???
2. ???
3. S. Kazmir
4. S. McClung
5. M. Hendrickson




J. Gomes




J. Borowski
C. Orvella