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Gerry H is coming to town.  

We heard this name early this season. First I heard of it was in Gammons column. Makes you think they had a plan all along. We also heard Bobby Valentine, so take it for what its worth.

What can I tell you about Hunsicker. Before he became a household name with Astros, he was an executive for Mets. He wanted a chance to be a GM, so he got his chance in Houston.

Hunsicker joined the Mets in November 1988 as director of minor league operations, and then two years later moved up a notch to director of baseball operations. He was then moved up to the No. 2 man in baseball operations with the Mets on September 27, 1991. He also worked with the Astros in a variety of roles from 1978-81, including traveling secretary, minor league pitching coach, scout, and assistant to the GM.

What does he know about current Rays. Well, he had the unfortunate scenario where Lugo was in trouble with the law and released him. He stole Backe from ol Chuck. He knows something of moving players around to a new position get a good bat in lineup in Biggio.

Other than Stick Michael, this was my favorite choice.  

Tidbits: Is known for coining the nickname the Killer Bs in Houston. Also, Hunsicker is known for speaking his mind.