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Miami Minute

I think I can speak of the mess in South Florida with the Marlins. Being from Tampa we are programmed to hate Wayne Huzienga after the "junk" man was reason it took Tampa so long to get a team.

I lived in Boca in mid 90s for a year and got to see Marlins first hand. Watching a game there is even more fun as the stadium is built for Football and you have to tilt your head to see home plate.

Fat Hank seems to be the sports Guru on radio and I would read Sun Sentinel with Hyde.

The reason Dombrowski left is that baseball in this city does not have much of a future. You have alot of transplants who are mainly Mets or Yankees fans. So, its hard to get any form of die hard fans in area.

I was surprised the past few years with new owner. In fact, I was amazed with him taking on these fat salaries. But, you give it your best try to make it work. Even with second World Series win in franchise short life, they could not get a new stadium financed and NOW its time to find the franchise a new home.

Should Rays take part in the fire sale?