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A Call to Arms

In the early days of MLB team websites on the internet, it just seemed like the type of coverage was inside information and was just about the sole outlet for this type of information besides SportsCenter. Now you have the team web sites competing with newspaper, fan magazines, fan sites, blogs, etc. With this proliferation of baseball information, I am just not getting a whole lot out of these boiler plate web sites run by Major League Baseball.

Don't get me wrong, Paul Smith who used to write for Rays site was pretty good. But, I just don't know how many more of these mailbag columns of useless information I can read through anymore.

In the latest coverage by rays web reporter, this is complete garbage:

I know it's very early, but if the season were to start right now, with the players we currently have, what do you think our starting lineup will look like for Opening Day?
-- Aubrey T., Cape Coral, Fla.

Using the team's current players -- and without assuming the return of free agents Travis Lee, Eduardo Perez, and Alex Gonzalez -- I believe this would be the Opening Day lineup:

  1. Julio Lugo, shortstop
  2. Carl Crawford, left field
  3. Jorge Cantu, second base
  4. Aubrey Huff, first base
  5. Jonny Gomes, designated hitter
  6. Rocco Baldelli, center field
  7. Damon Hollins, right field/Delmon Young (with a monster spring)
  8. Toby Hall, catcher
  9. Nick Green, third base

If you think that response was a waste of bandwith, go to first question in the article where a reader asks about Young. There is no detail on reason why the best overall prospect in baseball will be spending the first part of 2006 in minors. Why would I want to read these columns?

I would say you get better commentary from reading any of the forums on Rays, newspapers, blogs, or even searching Google.

If I want a vanilla answer, you would not expect it from the place that should be the offical site of the Devil Rays.

Hope the coverage gets better over there. We know the product on the field will better to write about. The job just improved 200% since season ended.