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Jake's Take: Are Rays Fans having offseason blues???

I'm a bit confused right now...

I'm confused how Rays fans can go from insanely giddy to extremely paranoid and worried in about a 1 month span.

In the first month of the Stu Sternberg Era, the Rays hired 2 great baseball minds to fill "high-ranking" spots in the Rays' NDRO(New Devil Rays Organization). Gerry Hunsicker was hired as Senior VP to mentor and help Andy Friedman out, so that one day he'll be making him one of the best "Young GMs" in baseball. Then the Rays flushed away any memory of Lou Piniella by hiring the best possible managerial candidate in Joe Maddon. 1 Month was all it took to do what would've taken Vince Naimoli's regime years to do.
Rays fans were excited about this fact and giddy about the turnaround that this franchise is beginning to undergo.

So now, it's the 2nd month(a big ole #2) of the Sternberg Era and now all the optimism that the Rays fans had has all of a sudden turned into a mini state of paranoia.

"Oh no, the Rays aren't doing anything...."

"Trades are being made, yet we're not involved...."

"I...I thought we had some valuable trading chips that teams would be dumb to pass up. Yet, all Andy and Gerry have done was sign Chad "Freakin' " Harville!!! Beimel was alright, why would we drop him?"

Have we been poisoned that badly by the horrendousness of LaMar and Naimoli? Does that give us the right to be pessimistic about the lack of movement in 3 weeks by the educated minds that we have in the front office?? I don't think so...

To me, I just think that it's better that we don't go headfirst into the wall which is the Trade Market. Was P.T. Barnum talking about baseball GMs when he said "A sucker is born every minute"?

I've said this in just about every site/blog/chat where the Rays lack of movement(right now) is being discussed....Look at the GMs making the deals right now. They're some of the dumbest GMs in baseball. We've got a GM who traded for Vinny Castilla(Kevin Towers), a GM traded 2 Top pitching prospects and a future GG'er for a guy who hit .207 and 8 HRs last season(Kenny Williams), a GM who was commanded to cut payroll like a turkey(Larry Beinfest), a GM who has been an idiot in just every team he's worked for(Gillick) and a group of 4 who are doing the job that 1 man used to do easily(Epstein's Kronies). There used to be a tv where people like the ones above were feature, it was called "Welcome back, Kotter".. and they'd fit the bill as "The Sweathogs".

Right now, I feel that Rays fans should calm down and let our Front Office do their job. We shouldn't be worried and we certainly shouldn't suddenly become pessimitic because of 1 slow month. We've got to remember about how many slow offseasons that we've already gone through which makes this slow 1 month look like a millisecond.

Also, I believe that the Rays have become extremely blinded by the Bull-spit that the former regime had somehow brainwashed us into believing. Many Rays fans are paranoid that trading Huff and Baez would be extremely detrimental to this team.

All of a sudden, Baez became our best arm in the bullpen and Huff has become a key kog in the machine which is the Devil Rays. I remember many games where Rays fans(including me) were calling for "Blowez's head" or wanted Huff out due to a lack of anything resembling "enthusiasm" in the batters box or on the field. Yet now, out of some unusual change of heart, we'd be stupid to let go of them.

Didn't Huff only hit 5 HRs in the first half, while hitting below .250? Didn't Baez blow about half of Doug Waechter's 11 starts which could've Rays victories? Yet, we want to keep them????

If it were my choice, I'd completely eliminate all the dead weight off this team. All the horrible signings, draft picks, outright idiot moves by the former regime would be sent to pasture. Gone. No more. Braz, Hines, Cash, Switzer, Colome, Huff and Baez would be traded or waived.

Also, we're gonna have to deal some other key prospects and players whiled their value is up. Lugo has been a soldier and quiet while he's been here, but he's been attracting some strong attention from teams who are in so much of a need that they're willing to give up a good player or prospect that would help the long-term future of this team. Toby Hall has been an enigma for the Rays, but he's done certain things well enough where he's been looked at by other teams as a cheap yet smart investment at catcher. Gathright's stock is at it's peak and we'd definitely get some value out of him if we traded him. These 3 have done nothing to draw the ire of us fans, but we've got to do some things to this team to improve our place in this extremely competitive division. That may mean that we have to deal some of our fan favorites, too.

I just think that Rays fans should relax, I'm almost sure that we're gonna end up being very happy in the very near future. We've just got to learn how to be hard as that may sound.