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The Three Amigos

Tribune on Friedman/Silverman connection:

Silverman knew all about Friedman's passion for baseball when the two became friends while living in New York in the early 2000s. Silverman worked at Goldman Sachs. Friedman worked at Bear, Stearns and Co.
When Silverman joined Sternberg's effort to land a major-league team (which led to a purchase of 48 percent of the Rays in May 2004), Friedman was introduced to Sternberg as someone with ideas about how to run a baseball team.

Friedman's contributions so far:

Friedman made his first mark in March by negotiating the long-term contract that will keep left fielder Carl Crawford in a Rays uniform through the 2010 season (if the team exercises two one-year options).

He pointed to that deal as proof of his commitment to "keeping and building around" the core group of young players. He also has begun to discuss a long-term contract with center fielder Rocco Baldelli.

I guess, the trio of Friedman, Hunsicker, Silverman leading the charge goes to Sternberg's view of the front office which was quoted here