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Tracking the "ToDo" Lists

I give props to Jake for the first "ToDo" List:

1. Get Rid of Lou Piniella, Chuck LaMar and Vince Naimoli

Vince  and Chuck have left the building.

2. Sternberg takes over team, Friedman and Silverman take IMPORTANT positions in the front office

The new managing general partner, team president and the #1 baseball guy (GM).

3. Hire GM(or advisor for Friedman)

Hunsicker is on the payroll. It seems to good to be true.

4. Hire Best Possible Manager out of around 10-12 Candidates, without any biasness towards any of them:

Looks like its either Maddon or McLaren (thanks for tip jtintle)

5. Get WORTHWHILE Free Agents with the 10-20 MIL alloted towards this year's payroll

Open item
6. Trade Aubrey Huff and Danys Baez For Veteran Starting Pitchers, Catchers and Third Baseman or Blue-Chip Prospects who are "Close to being or are MLB-Ready" in WINTER MEETINGS

Open item
7. INVITE DELMON YOUNG, JASON HAMMEL, BJ UPTON and WES BANKSTON to Spring Training with starting jobs on the line for them:

Open item


Was there ever any doubt...

Optional Items:
1. Resign Rocco, Gomes, Cantu and Kazmir to LONG-TERM DEALS

Open Item

Carter Gaddis breaks down more items to add to the "ToDo" List.