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Andrew and Gerry Show

I just finsihed listening to the the Hunsicker introduction press conference which you can listen to by checking the "Under Construction" section on the sidebar.

What a great thing to hear. Taking the franchise under his wings using a business philosiphy to run it.

If you have not listened, they have broken away from the typical baseball organization staff where there is a single guy who is viewed as a General manager. They have created a baseball operations division within the Tamapa bay Devil Rays organization.

If you are a fan of any team all you can ask for is having an owner that has a vision. That includes having trust in the people to execute that vision. Its apparant that the Rays are entering new territory where they are going to shake up things. Climb on board, beacuse the Rays are finally a MLB franchise. I can't wait what to see what this new partnership of Hunsicker and Freidman has to show us.