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This and that

NY Daily News:

The Mets tried to land Devil Rays closer Danys Baez and infielder Julio Lugo in July, but had difficultly negotiating with since-fired GM Chuck LaMar.
I came away from the recent press conference that Rays will be active in trade market. That could include Baez.

Devil Rays Lousiana based scout Benny Latino has been offered a job with the Mets. The story goes that Latino discovered Joey Gathright while walking through a parking lot and seeing kids bet on whether he could jump over cars.

Based on the 2005 Salary figure on Rays in 2005 for the Rays, the Rays will add this many million dollars to payroll.

Mark your calendars for April 10. Free parking, bring all the food you want in.

From on Deck Baseball:

Brian Stokes (Devil Rays) spun 5 scoreless frames of 3-hit relief to bag the win for the Dogs. Stokes is now 3-0 with a 2.78 ERA in his 6 appearances.
Palm Ball talks about one mans view of Hunsicker from Astro land. Its quite clear from the press conference that Gerry likes the Devil Rays situation based on people involved here, and the trust. Just seems like it was just a parting of ways.

Madden on the Andrew and Gerry:

The classy 55-year-old Hunsicker insists he's comfortable with this ill-conceived arrangement, but that may only be because he wanted so badly to get back into the game.
I personally do not see this arrangement as a bad thing. Most organizations are going this way. See whats happening in Baltimore with Duquette, and Towers in SD. It takes more than one set of skills to fill out a front office.