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Infield of Dreams

What does your Devil Rays infield look like for 2006?

Stablility in the infield as we move forward would be a good thing. Under Lou's watch, it was constant musical chairs in the infield. Even as we approach 2006, we certainly have alot of work to determine where all these "square pegs" go.  

We know we have a young "Jeff Kent" like bat in the Mongolian Beef Man. Cantu has shown he can handle second or third on an everyday basis. He is best suited at second. Lugo, a player who reached his potential the past few years.   Waiting in the wings is Upton but blocked by Lugo. Also, in the mix is Nick Green who seems more of a long term utility player. Huff is a first baseman or even third depending how you look at it.

Its quite evident changes will be coming. Lets hope we get some long term stability. We all heard  the old regime say the Upton is not a SS. However, you give him 500 MLB at bats and 162 games and we'll decide.  The infield is an area of strentgh, so that is what I expect to be shopped. Which piece, I don't know. But, we need to think long term here and not short sighted.

Bottom line: Lugo had career year and has much interest. He is signed for only one more year, so that is one player I would shop. Similarly, Huff has one year remaining and despite his very OFF year, could draw some interest.

Other Factors: Upton has said is not at short, then he would like to be somewhere else where that opportunity exists.