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Rocco a Devil Ray staple

As first reported last night by the Tribune's Rays beat reporter Carter Gaddis, CF Rocco Baldelli will be signed to a long term deal for six years and 33 Million. The official announcment will come Thursday as the news has reached the webosphere at the BTF.

I guess this move is part of the Sternberg Manifesto:

Sternberg outlined the organization's new philosophy in a 47-page e-mail to Maddon, who met with Sternberg and two other Rays executives in Houston.

This is a great day for the Tampa Bay franchise. This is how you build a great organization for years to come. This model worked well for Cleveland in mid 90s. So much for talk of Rocco jumping ship. He booted his agent Boras and got this deal done. Props go out to Friedman on gift wrapping Carl and now Rocco.