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Give me a sign

Is the new Devil Rays organization in business? I have not heard alot of news out of the front office besides Friedman acknowledging that a member of the front office received a DUI.

It seems a total lockdown is in place. Have you noticed the amount of stories originating out of One Rays Place has been few and far between. Even the Tampa area columnists have not really had much information come across their desks.

Have you heard in the news that the Rays were considering free agent X or Y?

It seems like the new managment team does not provide a whole lot of material in what direction they are heading down.

Gerry and Andrew don't make moves for the sake of making headlines. They do things internally. Like opening up the communication lines between Rays and their top prospects like Young and Upton.

They don't go blabbing to press unless they have to cover their backs and explain that a Marte deal was never offered.

I am hoping that this team is in business to give the area a chance to be competitive rather than making a buck.