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Jake's Take: Call me crazy...Dueling Wishes

Before I started my car on my way to Rhode Island(inside joke), I read Sam's Christmas Wishes article and it gave me an idea. However, instead of making wishes, I'll start the prediction train and make some early, very early 2006 Predictions.

First off, The Rays will win at least 75 wins and finish either in 3rd or a tie for 3rd place in the AL East. Insane as it may seem, the Blue Jays spending spree will most likely be all for naught. Baltimore will finish in last, seeing as there organization is in total disarray.

Next, Rocco Baldelli will put up his best statistical season as a Ray. He'll hit 20 HRs and will drastically cut down his K/BB ratio. Best 2 MIL hitter in baseball.

Kaz and Seth will both have 10+ wins and less than 10 losses. Kaz, through some miraculous intervention, will drop his BB/9 number to around 2 and will have 200 Ks. Seth's pitches per start will drop to around 89, however he'll have 3 or more CGs.

BJ Upton will drop his error total to around 20 with the influence of Jimy and Ozzie. He'll hit 10 HRs in a D-Rays uniform.

Prospectmania will hit the Trop as at least 5 of our prospects will make their MLB Debuts next year. Those prospects will be Jeff Niemann, Delmon Young, Wes Banktson, Jamie Shields and Jason Hammel will earn their way into starting positions.

Jonny Gomes will hit 40 HRs for the Rays, completely ripping apart the Rays record books. He'll keep his batting average between .270 and .285 the entire season and he'll have a final OPS of around .950.

Jorge Cantu will have at least 20 Walks, another case of divine intervention I guess. Jim, I don't see more than 30 walks...

Sean Burroughs will hit 10 HRs and will be a defensive and doubles dynamo for the Devil Rays. San Diego will be so shocked of his HR totals that they'll send MLB steroid testers to the Trop trying to come up with the exclamation of Burrough's turnaround.

Josh Beckett will have a 4.00+ ERA against the Rays next season. Can you say overrated?

We will be 5 or more games over .500 at some time during the season and be in fight for 1st in the division for a small amount of time.

Chad Orvella will end the season as the Rays closer.

Aubrey Huff will have a 30 HR season, however we will not resign him due to his total lack of defense.

Have I totally lost it?