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Jake's Take: The Smart Choi-ce

One of the great things about is the very in-depth off-season topics, whenever there's an article printed about possible free-agents, trade rumors and anything else relative to the's found and posted. One of the interesting articles found recently was the list that posted about possible non-tendered players. Some names were gimmes, just from their lack of production and high salary.

However, One name that intrigued me was former Cubs, Marlins and Dodgers First Baseman...Hee-Seop Choi. He's a high-risk, high-reward player who has never been given a full shot at a starting job. He can hit for power both ways(though his strikeout rate is kinda high), he has a good eye for pitches(decent walk totals), great defensive skills and isn't too slow running-wise. His downfall in his career was the lack of a great amount of ABs and the strikeout rate being around 35%.

Add the fact that he's gonna be only 26 at the start of the next season and he seems like a possible "Diamond in the Rough" free agent.