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Let the Games Begin

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The Rays former brain trust of mananging general partner Vince "Do you know who I am" Naimoli, and Chuck "hard to trade with" LaMar made the Tampa franchise look bad.

For those in the mainstream baseball community who have not realized, its a new day for the Devil Rays franchise.

Bodley in a recent column has gone public with it depsite being a Piniella apologist in the past:

"What makes this difficult is that we're so anxious and eager to mold the franchise in the way we see it," Sternberg says during the interview at the recent owners meetings in Milwaukee. "We have to start at the top and work our way down."

Bringing in a successful old school manager in the past like Piniella does not provide that much impact when the previous ownership was set in their way of accepting being a floundering franchise.

The new regime has buy in from Sternberg all the way down the organization.

You can either own a baseball franchise to build a competeitive team that wants to win a ring, or you can do what team like the Naimoli's Rays, and Pirates too, who are more concerned about making a profit.

That is why when the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban approached the Steel city about buying their franchise, he was rebuffed because the ownership there in Pittsburgh is happy with making a profit rather than pursuing building a stellar team.

Luckily for the Rays, we have our "Mark Cuban" in Sternberg. Lets get down to business and start the progression today in building for a team that can eventually compete with the Big Boys.