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Its a wonderful Franchise

I have to apologize to the readers. No, I am not talking about the down time we experienced here last night until about midday today. What I am talking about is after years of being subjected to the treatment of Vince and Chuckles its easy to get your head messed up on what is happening here.

What the Rays are building here is called a success story. They don't want to just put the franchise at the .500 level for just next year. They want to build a team that will win 400 games over the next five years.  Doing that does not allow for short sighted moves. While they sit back and watch all the teams burn money on pieces that do not fit well together, the Rays have done nothing that will hurt their chances to build upon what was achieved last year in the second half.

So, I suggest you do what I did today. Grab yourself some Devil Ray's Cool Aid that has a shelf life of five years, and get ready to watch some meaningful games that will take place throughout. Its going to be a lot of fun.