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Day Before the Rule V

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The Rule V draft is coming up at the winter meetings this week. The list of who is likely to be taken can be found over at BA or you could journey over to our diary section entry of Early Rule V Draft Looks. Out of the names, I think the Diamondbacks are really leaving alot of talent open for the taking. DiamondBack Minors notes:

"Among the more noted players left unprotected are 3B Jamie D'Antona, LHP Matt Chico, OF Jarred Ball and IF Brian Barden."

Bill Murphy was also removed from the 40 man roster. If you have read MoneyBall you know that name.

My personal favorite is Jamie D'Antona. Some publications now list him as James D'Antona. He went to Wake Forest University, and had a breakout Spring Training in 2003. I am currently reading the book The Last Best League by Jim Collins. The book chronicles the Cape Cod's league team - The Chatham A's. On that team and covered throughout the book was Jamie D'Antona. The book mentions how Hank Greenberg A PHd who came up with a test that several MLB teams use as a tool for predicting success in the MLB prospect. Bottom line was D'Antona scored off the charts with one of the highest scores ever. Those who came in with similar scores included Lance Bekman, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Jeromy Burnitz. The main thing that impressed me with what was stated in this book was D'Antona had results that indicated that he would motivate himself, and he would not be baffled by setbacks.

After starting his career with 2 great minor league seasons, last year he had a season that could be categorized as a setback year.
2003 Age 21 277/.356/.517
2004 Age 22 315/.353/.531
2005 Age 23 249/.322/.385

I look for a nice rebound year in 2006. This is a player worth taking a chnace on considering 3B is a position of need for The Devil Rays.